[RPG] Back to D&D


I really don’t understand why I keep writting in english on all my blogs (when only I read them and I’m spanish) I guess I do it to practice my english ’cause I kind of suck at writting in english, or at least that’s what I think.
But that’s not the point, it looks like I write once a year on this blog, that’s me…
Anyway, even though I’m pretty busy with work, university, rehearsals and a lot of shit I have a small amount of time, very very small, that I spend with some of my friends playing D&D.

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[Comics] Supernatural


A couple of months ago I went to London to visit my friends there and to do a lot of tourism, and of course to buy things, but with the museums and Starbucks we didn’t have a lot of time to actually buy. But as we all are a bunch of comic nerds we went a couple of times to the comic shop Forbidden Planet in Shaftesbury Avenue. The first time we went I bought four Supernatural comics, I don’t know how many of them there are but you can’t find them here in Spain so I had to buy them even though it hurt to spend £40 in just four comics and actually I have to say that the art inside it’s not as good as I thought it would be, the covers are better. But as I’m such a big SPN fan and I had no idea if I would have another chance to buy them, well, I bought them. I still have to read them, yeah, I’m always like that, but I will post another entry when I read those and also the young avengers, probably both together.

Here are some pics:

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[Comics] Young Avengers


I got this for my birthday, kind of, ’cause I was supposed to pick it ages ago, but I didn’t, so my friend gave it to me last week. Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is, Young Avengers or Jóvenes Vengadores in Spanish. I still have to read it, I had no time to do it but I would love to, ’cause I’m already in love with Hulkling and Wiccan, mostly ’cause they’re gay yes I admit that but also ’cause they are really cool. I will try to write another post when I’ll finish the comic, I don’t even know when.

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Cthulu’s RPGs


We ended our first Cthulu’s game, we played like 4 sesions or so, it was quite short, and me being the master was even worse XD
Well, we played Death over the Nile, and If I recall well I said that in my last post, wich, I know, was ages ago. I don’t update this too much… and I got to do two more entries on my other blog but I just can’t seem to find the strengh to do it XD Yeah… lazy one here… guilty!!!
As I was saying, we played that game, they finally get to save the target, well they… she… ’cause the other player was in coma, indeed he was almost dead, ok, just dead, but I wanted to play more with those characters so I let them both alive, just for my own good ’cause I hate doing new characters everytime you play. And this way they got a story in common and will be easier to get them together into the new adventure.
Btw I’m thinking about playing Under the werewolf moon but it’s kind of similar to the other one, I mean, one of the players has to be implied into the main action and can be killed easilly, I wouldn’t mind that much if I had more than two players…
But my second choice is another of Shadows over filmland’s stories, I will make sure to do this the easier and fastest way so we can play other stories, ’cause I wanna play The final reel and others and you have to have played more game to play those.
I think that’s all for today, c ya.

1st Cthulthu’s RPG session.


Yeah, last monday was our first session on Cthulhu’s story “Death over the Nile”, I was the Master and I didn’t have enough time to prepare it, so It was kind of a disaster XD I just hope next time we play I’ll have all my stuff together XD I think I should prepare thing better this time.

That’s about me!

Hi!! I guess none’s watching this, I’m always so confident… XD Anyway, I wanted to do this for a long time, this is kind of weird indeed, maybe sick, but yeah.. sorry, I’m gonna explain first XD I was going to put this post into my other blog here but I decided that this theme was more on the freak side so I’m gonna put it here. I’m not really sure if this is a good way to start it but who cares, right?

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